About the Program

Mission Statement

Arts Are Essential works in partnership with educators and artists to bring arts experiences that enrich, educate, and enlighten students of all ages while inspiring creativity and imagination.

Guiding Principles

Arts Are Essential is committed to the belief that through performances, concerts, hands-on workshops, residencies, and cultural exchanges, the visual and performing arts can:

  • Accommodate many learning styles.
  • Adapt to demonstrate and teach varied curricula, including language arts, math, science, and social studies.
  • Offer cultural awareness, which encourages acceptance.


  • To provide arts in education enrichment of the highest caliber artistically and educationally.
  • To provide opportunities for cultural exchanges that increase understanding and acceptance between our diverse world populations.
  • To provide dynamic, exciting and meaningful family peformances.

We Work With You

Our programs support the Core Curriculum, and state“standards” or “frameworks” and are linked to existing curricula. We have several arts and arts integrated workshop/residency options. If you don’t see the workshop you want, just ask. We love to create new, original curriculum enhancements. Our family concerts can be customized to support your goals.

The arts can teach nearly any subject, and the arts have the power to change lives. We prefer to call this “peeling off the label” of the student who learns differently or has any other at-risk issues. Working with and teaching these students with the arts allows their peers and educators to see them with new perspectives. Please see our Testimonials.

Our Artists Are Experienced

The artists we represent have cumulatively about 160 years of experience working in Arts in Education programming. They are extremely talented artists themselves and are especially gifted teaching artists.

AAE artist-educators have all been juried by us and are on the rosters of the MA Cultural Council, The Vermont Arts, Council, The Maine and New Jersey Arts Councils. Our artists have also been recipients of grants outside Massachusetts. We are registered with some New York State Board Of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) and are very willing to expand into new areas.

Partial List of Funders

The Arts Are Essential, Inc. IRS forms 990: