David Harrell

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 David Harrell

David presents 2 stories about his childhood to K-12 students.


The goal of my work is to use my story to encourage audiences to recognize the universality of our shared experience and be a catalyst for discussion about broader themes of diversity and inclusion. I relish the opportunity to show that disability is not a heroic obstacle to overcome but a unique aspect of one’s life. Through my work I entertain, enlighten, and educate children to not be defined by limitation, and I help them learn the valuable lessons of acceptance and how to not let circumstances peel away the core of who they are as human beings.”

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 David Harrell

In a moving and humorous look at growing up, David Harrell brings to life a story of his childhood. Born without his right hand, David is fitted with a prosthetic hook before he starts school. This keeps him on the sidelines of recess until the game becomes Peter Pan! He fits perfectly into the game as Captain Hook, but David soon grows tired of playing the part and decides he wants to be the hero. What happens when you decide to not be defined by your circumstances and change the game? Introducing hilarious and colorful characters from his childhood, David serves as storyteller and performer.

David and his friends learn the importance of accepting and including others that may not look exactly the way that we do.

Grades K-2


David Harrell

In his warm, smart and engaging autobiographical solo show, David Harrell delivers a hilarious and insightful look at living with a disability. The program’s focus is about his journey to find the awareness to not be defined by limitations. Through David’s journey we learn to not let ourselves be defined by our own limitations or let the circumstances of our lives peel away the core of our humanity.

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GRADES 3 and UP, Middle School and High School


David Harrell


David Harrell, an international award–winning actor, speaker, and disability advocate resides in New York City. He has performed Off- Broadway. His short film Lefty & Loosey won Best Film in the 2016 Disability Film Challenge and Best International Actor in the 2016 Focus on Ability Film Festival in Sydney, Australia. David’s award-winning solo plays have entertained audiences around the world.


I just want to you know that it was wonderful to have David join us to do his solo plays for PK-2 and 3rd-5th grade students”…. “The kids were attentive, thoughtful, reactive, watchful, smiling, rapt throughout the whole performance, both age groups. After the assembly, our students were so moved/touched that we paused our curriculum to hold “circles” within our classroom to discuss more in depth about what was learned. I would love to have him back next year and would highly recommend him to other schools.”