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Guy Mendilow Ensemble

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Family and Educational Performances

From single workshops to multi-day residencies culminating in a participant-driven performance, the Guy Mendilow Ensemble delivers high caliber innovative educational programs.

In addition to his performances, Guy Mendilow is an accomplished educator deeply committed and passionate about using musical improvisation as a tool for leadership and team building.

Guy leads workshops, teacher trainings and residencies at schools across the United States and Brazil. He regularly works with international mediation organizations like Seeds of Peace, which works with Israeli and Palestinian youth and educators, and with teen leadership projects like the Breakthrough Collaborative, and social justice efforts like Jaymes Fund for Social Justice.

The Guy Mendilow Ensemble is now touring its project Tales from the Forgotten Kingdom: Ladino Songs Renewed throughout the United States and Canada.

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Newest CD: Tales from the Forgotten Kingdom: Ladino Songs Renewed

Guy Mendilow's Biography is here.

Artist Statement

“Only our best is just good enough for children.” —Zoltán Kodály

That’s a sentiment we take to heart because we know that children’s early music experiences shape the rest of their musical lives. It’s a responsibility — and a privilege — to give our very best to children. Drawing on our training as music educators, teacher trainers and parents of young kids, we strive to create the most engaging, interactive and educationally sound concerts for young audiences. —Guy Mendilow



 Guy Mendilow in Class

Sailors, Sirens & Sovereigns:

Adventures In Ladino Songs NEW

Ages: 6 yrs to adult -- length: 30-90 minutes – single workshop suitable for any size group

Come be swept away by the epic tales at the heart of some of our favorite canticas and romanzas. Live demonstrations from the Guy Mendilow Ensemble are interspersed with background on Ladino song types, history and language. Often included are field recordings and samples of other artists’ interpretations as a way of understanding the breadth of Ladino styles as well as the band’s unique approach to these songs. The session is conveyed with Guy’s dynamic teaching style and down-to-earth humor.

 Around The World — In Rounds! NEW

Ages: 6 yrs to adult -- length: 30-90 minutes – single workshop -- suitable for groups of any size

Join us for a fun participatory song session. Rounds are an easy, exciting way for everyone to be part of fulfilling music-making, regardless of previous experience. Avid round collector Guy Mendilow shares some gems from around the world, skillfully accompanied by his band. No prior training needed — just come prepared to have a great time singing together. Have a favorite round to share? Bring it!

Overtone Singing 101

Ages: 6 yrs to adult -- length: 60-90 minutes -- single workshop -- suitable for groups of any size

Overtone singing is a family of techniques allowing one person to sing two or more notes simultaneously. This seemingly esoteric art is easily within your reach: award winning overtone singer Guy Mendilow breaks Western style overtone singing down into easily learned steps. Chock full of demonstrations, fascinating background, group exercises and one-on-one coaching, this is a highly interactive session with lots of Q & A.

 Move The Music!

Ages: to 12 year old in age-appropriate groups -- length: 30-45 minutes – single workshop or multi-day residency -- best suited for maximum group size of 15

Move the Music! is a cross-cultural program that gives children music-making tools:

  • Games that get participants singing, galloping, speaking, laughing and playing instruments from drums to recycled junk percussion.

  • Kinesthetic games where children improvise movement responses to the music and learn how musical concepts feel in their own bodies.

Move the Music! is always fresh because all music is improvised live, in the classroom.

  • Gives children the unique experience of having the music follow their movement as well as exploring how they can feel the music in their bodies.

  • Nurtures creative problem solving, self-expression, and leadership skills.

  • Is based on the widely recognized Dalcroze Eurhythmics approach, in which Guy holds International certification.

  • Residencies for older children often culminate in participant-produced CDs or songwriting for musical plays. Ask us for samples of previous works!

 Around The World In Song

Ages: 5 to 12 years old in age-appropriate groups -- length: 30-60 minutes -- single workshop --

suitable for groups of any size – teacher resource materials available

In this workshop:

  • Children meet some of the most important members of the band: the instruments themselves, such as the berimbau, the munnharpa (jaw harp), the Peruvian cajon (box drum) and overtone singing,

  • Fun stories, exciting rhythm games and joyous sing-alongs, in up to six languages, introduce children to music from around the world.

 Listening Through The Music: Improv As A Tool For Leadership

Ages: 13 yr to adult -- length: 60-120 minutes per session – single workshop or multi-day residency –

best suited for maximum group size of 15 – teacher resource materials available

Musical improvisation can serve as a powerful vehicle for communication and collaboration across cultural and linguistic differences. Improvisation skills assist with the success of many of our endeavors, from the assembly of a project staff to effective mediation.

This introductory workshop explores the three essential ingredients for such collaborations: the abilities to tune in, connect, and respond spontaneously and meaningfully to one another. Exciting, quickly learned music improv and movement games offer ways to cultivate these abilities, setting the stage for effective group improvisation, both in the realm of music and beyond. This workshop requires no previous musical experience. Participants should come ready to move and play.

Several mediation organizations as Seeds of Peace, working with Israelis and Palestinians and Indians and Pakistanis, and innovative youth leadership projects like The Breakthrough Collaborative have used this workshop.

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