photo by Craig Harris

Guy Mendilow Ensemble

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Family and Educational Performances

From single workshops to multi-day residencies culminating in a participant-driven performance, the Guy Mendilow Ensemble delivers high caliber innovative educational programs.

In addition to his performances, Guy Mendilow is an accomplished educator deeply committed and passionate about using musical improvisation as a tool for leadership and team building.


Guy Mendilow Ensemble Forgotten Kingdom Poster

Guy Mendilow Ensemble Forgotten Kingdom Poster

Guy Mendilow Forgotten Voices Poster

Artist Statement

“Only our best is just good enough for children.” —Zoltán Kodály

That’s a sentiment we take to heart because we know that children’s early music experiences shape the rest of their musical lives. It’s a responsibility — and a privilege — to give our very best to children. Drawing on our training as music educators, teacher trainers and parents of young kids, we strive to create the most engaging, interactive and educationally sound concerts for young audiences. —Guy Mendilow

Guy Mendilow's Biography is here.