Nikki Hu &

Dancer • Choreographer

Guy Van Duser

Musician • Composer

Click to listen to Ten Movements by Guy Van Duser

Choreographer Nikki Hu and musician Guy Van Duser are distinguished teaching artists, noted for using dance and music to transform academic studies into artistic learning experiences. Their programs engage children kinesthetically and demonstrate how connectingbody-mind-spirit deepens and strengthens learning. Nikki and Guy model how to be performers as they guide students into that particular territory understood by all performing artists where one is focused “in the moment” and totally present. Once students have experienced this concept it is hoped they will draw upon it through all aspects of life and learning.

Nikki and Guy's programs address a variety of curriculum topics. Guy creates original music and songs that use the children’s own words as lyrics to accompany the dances.The students are the featured performers, learning to “speak” through the body, using the language of dance movement for self-expression, communication, and as a vehicle for creating community. A program with Nikki and Guy can be a single day or extended into multiple week residencies.

The artists specialize in working with many students at once. Using wireless microphones and a state-of-the-art sound system, they gain, almost instantly, the attention of the students and sustain this focus, undiminished throughout the program.

Even a single day with Nikki & Guy is a special event, an enrichment that the students will remember for the rest of their lives. It is very moving to watch and observe the teachers who have a unique chance to see their students learning in a different way. Many times it’s the unexpected students who shine in the comfort of their work with Nikki.

As always, the students are the featured performers in Nikki and Guy’s productions.

Themes and Programs

World Cultures/Literacy

  • The Raven and the Starfruit Tree – A Vietnamese folktale
  • The Stonecutter – A tale told in India and Japan
  • Crows – A counting rhyme from the British Isles
  • The Jackdaws of Kilgarvan – A tale from County Kerry, Ireland
  • Enchanted Wings – A tale from China
  • How Rat became Number One – A tale told throughout Asia
  • Coucou and Drina – A Haitian folktale


  • Scenes from Ancient Egypt – Egyptian art & myth, archaeology, and hieroglyphics
  • A Thousand Cranes – The story of Sadako, Hiroshima and Japanese Cranes
  • The Insect Project: What’s Bugging You? – Entomology, poetry inspired by insects
  • I Want to Dance with a Condor – Endangered species and a Bolivian myth
  • Hand Over Heart – American themes
  • Kuan Yin – The story of Nikki’s family in China and their escape from the Communist regime.


  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T – Examining & interpreting the word “respect” through a suite of dances
  • The Story of Rara the Penquin – Respect for differences
  • Loneliness of Spirit – Respect for endangered species and the environment
  • What Goes Around – Respect for others
  • Popularville – Peer relationships
  • Big Ball of Happiness – Respect for self.

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