Project Photos

We have included a small photo gallery from our trips, for your enjoyment. The photos are grouped by subject. Classes shows some of our participants’ experiences. Sobobade is the beautiful artist retreat where we spend a portion of our time working with the artists, dancing and drumming. Friends are friends! Goree Island is the former slave fortress in Dakar harbor. Going there is a very moving experience. The door shown is “the Door of No Return.” I put in a few photos from our trip to the Bandia Nature Preserve. One of my favorite things about Senegal is shown in Patterns of Senegal. Art is everywhere. Schools and Village Life give you a view of the students’ school experiences and daily village scenes. Don’t miss the “recess lady” with her tray of peanuts waiting for the students to come out for their snack. Service Projects shows you one of our student projects that included shipping a full freight container to Guinaw Rails and the ceremony of distribution.

Professional photographer Shelley Cryan created 2 student trip videos.